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  • Best Value Tow Car To Buy

    24/05/2019 15:28:33

    When it comes to the ideal tow car, the SsangYong Korando really delivers on all fronts. It has the capacity to tow 2000Kg which is far more than many others in its class. Super value, great specification EURO 6 compliant car for every day use. Easy to park and manouvre when not towing and economical too It has also won awards in the Caravan and Motorhome club towing awards. So if yo

  • Is it time to buy a Convertible Car

    16/02/2019 07:50:54

    Are you thinking of buying a Convertible Car ?

    Those recent blue sky days have given us all a glimpse of better times to come.
    Like many of us, the tease of spring has made us pine for the open road - and the open roof!
    Which is why The Bed

  • Used Car Dealer Sandy Bedfordshire

    13/02/2019 12:31:15

    Are you thinking about buying a new or used car? Are you searching online trying to find the best used car deals ? Maybe even searching for car finance offers ? Well your search has eneded here at Mastercars Bedfordshire in Sandy on the A1 Southbound.

    If its peace of mind your looking for then relax as we are audited and run by the RAC. The RAC patrol engineers regulary call and spot ch

  • Affordable 4x4 cars for sale

    29/01/2019 13:16:43

    Are you looking to buy a 4x4 type vehicle ? Here at the Bedfordshire Car and Caravan Centre in Sandy we have a great selection of 4x4 cars and pickup trucks for sale. View Our Stock Of 4x4 Vehicles For Sale

    All RAC inspected and "Buysure" prepared with 6

  • Which 4x4 Car Is Right For Me

    23/10/2018 14:18:58

    We all know winter driving poses some unique challenges, the days get shorter, darker and colder. Roads get slippery and we never know when the ‘big’ snowfall is going to hit us. But you shouldn’t let winter alone influence your choice of used car too much, you want something that is comfortable, fun and easy to live with all year round.

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  • Used Approved Cars For Sale

    24/07/2018 10:13:46

    Mastercars Bedfordshire located on the A1 Southbound, Sandy are your local RAC approved used car dealer. This means you can relax and buy your next car with confidence as they are run and audited by the RAC. Every car for sale is RAC "buysure" prepared and inspected to ensure it meets the high standards set down by the RAC and the Trading standards. For complete transparency customers copies of

  • Choosing Your Next Car

    20/07/2018 13:06:03

    Choosing your next car can be one of the biggest decisions you have to make. Which model to buy ? Petrol Car ? Diesel car ? Hybrid Car or full on Electric car ? The choice is endless with many options from all the leading car manufacturers. Modern day motoring suggests a swing to the SUV car market, as the car has to be an allrounder. A modern day SUV certainly does that. They are light and nim

  • Do People Actually Want To Buy Cars Online ?

    27/06/2018 11:35:12

    There is a lot of talk in the motor industry at the moment regarding giving the cutomers the option to buy cars online. Its about giving used car buyers the ability to complete a car purchase online by having a "Buy it Now " button.However is this what car buyers really want when choosing to buy there next used car ?

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  • Which Car Should I buy

    26/06/2018 14:16:47

    As the areas leading used car dealer we are regularly asked by car buyers " which car is right for me " and how they can purchase a used vehicle with confidence from an RAC Approved car dealer. Mastercars Bedfordshire shares the ethos for quality, integrity and exceptional customer service. That's why we joined the RAC Approved Dealers network some years ago now. Its not just getting the

  • Car and Caravan Maintenance Checklist

    27/02/2018 14:19:18


    It might still be the winter, but the holiday season is coming and it’s far better to be prepared than to enter the season with difficulties. Your car and caravan are both paramount if you’re planning to take a trip and with that in m

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