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Winter Driving Tips
21 December 2017

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The new year can bring great opportunities and possibilities, but it can also bring the worst weather. Driving in the winter can be extremely dangerous and it’s important to make sure that you are fully prepared. If your car isn’t safe and you need a new one but are left with only a small budget after the Christmas period, perhaps look at used cars in Sandy.

However, no matter what car you have, you need to take extra care and attention when driving in the winter. Here are some useful driving tips that could really help you drive safely this season.

Defrost and De-ice

Poor visibility is one of the leading causes of accidents in the winter; defrosting and de-icing your car could save your life. It might take a little while if you don’t have heated windows but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Get up a little earlier to defrost the car and make sure that you have a large supply of de-icer ready and waiting in the garage.

Plan Alternative Routes

Due to the bad weather, you might find that some roads are either busy or closed. Planning your route in advance could save you time and ensure that you get from the house to the office the safest way. It’s also a good idea to have a backup route should your first choice become blocked.

Avoid Hills

If it’s icy, try and avoid all hills if you can. It can be dangerous in any car and there’s no need to risk the safety of you and your passengers if there is an alternative route you can take instead. If you need to drive up or down a hill, drive slowly and carefully. Whatever you do, don’t stop unless it is absolutely necessary when driving up or down a hill in icy conditions.

Check Your Brakes

Your brakes are particularly important in the cold weather. If they aren’t up to scratch, get them checked before you venture out into the cold. You might need to brake suddenly if there’s an accident up ahead, so make sure that you’ve left enough space. Don't forget that your thinking and braking distances will be at least ten times more than usual during wintery weather.

Clear the Snow

If there’s snow on your car make sure to clean it all off before you travel. If you leave snow on the roof, it could slide down the windscreen if you have to brake suddenly, making it difficult to see. Similarly, if there’s snow on your driveway, try to clear as much as you can so that you can move your car as safely as possible.

Double Check Your Tyres

Having good tyres is vital during the winter. If you're left with little to no tread, make sure to get some new tyres fitted as soon as possible. Make sure that they aren’t bulging or cracked before you leave, and check the tyre pressure every few weeks.

Look at Used Cars in Sandy

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