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Which 4x4 Car Is Right For Me
23 October 2018

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We all know winter driving poses some unique challenges, the days get shorter, darker and colder. Roads get slippery and we never know when the ‘big’ snowfall is going to hit us. But you shouldn’t let winter alone influence your choice of used car too much, you want something that is comfortable, fun and easy to live with all year round.

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Here is a small list of used cars that are great to live with all year round and will provide some extra comfort and security in the winter months.It isn’t often you find what is perceived to be a rugged work horse of a vehicle that is kitted out like a luxury vehicle, especially the SG4 model. The shogun boasts a great list of creature comforts, some but not all being climate control, heated leather seats, cruise control, sat nav, reversing camera and much more. The Japanese shogun is renowned for reliability and safety and when the winter hits us you can drive with confidence as it will just plough through the snow and if the going gets rough, the 4wd system is amazing and will keep you out of trouble

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If you want a touch of class and absolute security whilst driving this winter, then this is probably the way to go. We believe that the Touareg is one of the best driving SUV’s money can buy today. They boast a great spec, a powerful V6 diesel engine and will always put a smile on your face when you’re behind the wheel. Inside a Touareg you get many luxuries which include but not limited to heated leather seats, cruise control, climate control, sat nav and reversing cameras.

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So maybe you’re thinking to yourself “what on earth is a hybrid doing on this list?” but hear us out. Whether hybrids are the future or not, we don’t know, But what we do know is that the Outlander PHEV is an amazing all round car which is designed to save you money even in the winter. In the cabin you have an electric heater which is saving you money right there. As most of us don’t make long journeys in winter conditions knowing you can do the school run or weekly shopping trip in ALL conditions with minimal expense what isn’t to like about this car?

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Mini Countryman Cooper S (petrol or diesel variants) No, this isn’t a big 4x4 designed to go offroading as such, but don’t be fooled by the MINI, it is a very capable little family car which provides all year round fun and comfort! Boasting a 1.6litre turbo-charged engine which produces 184bhp this little car encourages you to get your foot down a little bit more even on a slippery road! The full time AWD system keeps you in check, as the front wheels use grip the rear wheel will then drive in tandem to provide maximum traction in all situations. Also boasting heated leather interior, climate control and all the comforts we are used to now, its hard to beat the little MINI!

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Of course we could go on all day about what cars are great in the winter, but the reality is whatever you drive, it does need to be prepared correctly for winter. Simply make sure you check your fluids (make sure you have antifreeze, screen wash etc) make sure your wiper blades will clear rain and snow effectively, check tyres (winter tyres recommended but all year round tyres are okay too as long as they have a good amount of tread) and clear all snow and ice from your car before driving it and have a ice scraper and some de-icer on hand if you need it. Stay safe this winter!

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