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Approved Used Car Sales Sandy Bedfordshire
27 June 2017

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Master Cars Sales Bedford Branch in Sandy Bedfordshire For Approved Inspected Used Cars For Sales

As we are an RAC approved used car dealer, all cars are prepared to the RAC "buysure" used vehicle program. This not only ensures quality of goods, it also meets code for Trading Standrds approval.

The cars are independantly prepared at an RAC approved workshop. Any work carried out in preparing your next car is recorded on the paperwork which you get a copy of for total transparency.

We choose only the best low mileage cars as the saying goes, "you cannot make a silk purse from a sows ear" ! Good quality stock is a constant battle to source and we have our own dedicated in house buyer with over 30 years experience . He carefully checks the cars condition, service history, how it drives then if happy we run a Hpi check to ensure the car has no hidden nasty surprises. This ensures the cars are debt free, they have not been recoreded as accident write offs, and they are cars anyone would be proud to sell or own. I guess this is why we are growing year on year with sales figures. Hard work and dedication to supplying only the best second hand cars money can buy.

We are also one of a very few independant car dealerships who are approved by Blackhorse car finance. This is a masive coup for any independant used car dealership as it gives us access to some of the cheapest PCP and car finance offers in the market. We can offer car finance cheaper than main dealers, and our car prices are cheaper too yet prepared to the same standard. We welcome your old car in part exchange and pay more than we buy any car, who are the largest UK car buying company. So buying a car from Master Car Sales Bedfordshire is a win,win,win for you the customer. Best cars at the best prices ! Best deal on car finance and best price for your car in part exchange. Why look elsewhere to buy your next car ? Come and visit us on the A1 Southbound, Sandy Bedfordfordshire just south of the A1 Black Cat Roundabout