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Preparing your Caravan for the upcoming season
14 March 2020

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The Bedfordshire Car and Caravan Centre in Sandy Bedfordshire fully prepare your Caravan so its ready to use for the up and coming season.

All of our Caravans for sale are fully serviced by our own team of expert caravan fitters

All of our Caravans for sale have also had a "Habitat check" to ensure everything inside works and the essential safety checks carried out. 

This means when you collect the Caravan you purchased everything will be working and safe to use. A full professional handover is also included showing you how to operate and use all the features of the Caravan.

However if you didnt buy your Caravan from The Bedfordshire Car and Caravan Centre here are some useful tips on how to check and look after your Touring Caravan

Check Your Caravan For Damp

After sitting in storage or on your drive and not being used for the duration of winter, it’s more than likely that your caravan will have a bit of a musty smell about it when you open the door. I think all Caravan owners can relate to this ?

This can be easily rectified by opening up all windows and doors and airing out your caravan. However it’s important to check that this smell isn’t coming from a water ingress problem creating a damp situation. Even though you might take all of the precautions to protect your caravan from the elements, the cold and the wet can cause havoc with your pride and joy.

When checking your Caravan for damp, your nose will probably guide you in the right direction, but your fingertips can also help. Just scratch the walls and ceiling in your Caravan and it should resonate a high pitch noise. If its damp it will not. How simple is that and no fancy damp meter required.

It’s also important to check doors and windows for any seals that could be causing leaks by either being broken or a build up of material/dirt/dust allowing damp to cross. If you find any broken seals obviuosly replace as necessary.

Check the Tyres on your Caravan

Checking the tyres on your Caravan should be a weekly event you schedule into looking after your Caravan. A blow out when towing can be disasterous and an experience your certainly do not want. However its even more important after storage to fully check your tyres. Also torque check your wheel bolts too as you dont want a wheel to come off. Tyres also have a lifetime shelf life and can go out of date. You will find this information on the sidewall of your Caravan tyre.

Check and prepare your Caravan Water Tanks

Hopefully most of you will have drained your water tanks when you put your Caravan into storage for the winter months. This will obviously stop them freezing and causing damage to the tanks themseleves and pipework. Flush them through with clean water checking for leaks. Once you are happy with this we would recomend you sterilise the system flushing it through the tanks and pipes.

Check your Leisure Battery

Hopefully you will have disconnected your battery whilst in storage. If you did not this isnt a problem, but worth disconnecting it and cleaning all the terminals to ensure a good clean connection . Then we reccomend checking the health of your battery to ensure it will last the season. Then if you are satisfied its in good condition, putting the battery on trickle charge for a couple of days to make sure its fully charged is good practice. When this is complete check all the lights inside and water pump.

Check the road lights on your Caravan

Your road lights are extremely important for the safety of yourself and other road users, so it’s important to check that they’re fully working. Inspect the plug for any cracks in the housing or broken or corroded pins, before connecting the caravan to the car. Once it’s connected, have someone check each light before inspecting lenses and marker lights for any cracks or missing screws

Finally Spring Clean your Caravan

Now you have fully checked and Inspected your Caravan ready for the new up and coming season, we suggest you give it a full clean inside and out. This gives you another opportunity to fully inspect the outside and inside of your Caravan. Not only that, when finished your Caravan will look as good as new, fully protected ready for you to enjoy another season on the road having fantastic holidays.

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