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Mondo Mondeos
14 January 2015

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ford mondeo outside church

The Ford Mondeo is a common feature on roads around the UK, thanks to its reliability and all-round driving experience. Picking up a used Ford Mondeo is easier than ever at the moment, with great offers out there, and dealerships in Bedfordshire that can supply exactly what you're looking for. But what can you expect from this bedrock of modern motoring? Here is a brief review.

Driving experience

There are many Ford Mondeo models to choose between, including hatchbacks with an ecoboost engine for extra fuel efficiency, or estate versions for extra interior comfort. Saloons are also a popular option. Our favoured engine is the 1.6 diesel, which offers great flexibility and good speed. If you need more power, the two litre diesel can clock in at 161 bhp, which offers some serious acceleration.

Whichever model you choose, you'll find the Mondeo has great suspension and a smooth drive feel, especially on motorways. For such a large car, it's surprisingly nimble, and the steering always feels responsive and tight. This is a car that doesn't suffer performance issues from extra baggage or occupants, so it's a great all-round option for everyday tasks.

The great family car

The appearance of the Mondeo doesn't really require a description. It's a ubiquitous part of our roads and a familiar, reliable choice for a professional or family vehicle. So if you're thinking of checking out a deal on a Ford Mondeo, take a look at our stock and find out more.