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14 January 2015

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Old Audi interior

Audi as a brand only came into being as recently as 1970 but its heritage as a company dates right back as far as the founding of the Wanderer automobile company in 1885. The first car produced by founder August Horch was the Type A in 1910 and the company never looked back, powering its way to become the successful automotive giant that we know it as today.

As a company, Audi have always been at the cutting edge of technology and development; recently, they have been testing driverless technology, with one of its A7 models showcasing the incredible ability to be able to pick its way through a multi-storey car park and park itself without any input whatsoever from a driver.

We have also seen the beautiful A9 prologue concept car which offered us a glimpse of what the future holds for Audi. The Prologue recognises drivers and passengers from their smartphones and automatically adjusts the seats to their preferred choices. Clearly Audi’s vision for the future is intensely high-tech.

Here at Mastercars Bedfordshire, we have the finest range of used-approved Audis that you will find anywhere and all available with flexible Audi finance solutions, so there is sure to be a package we can put together to suit your budget. So if you are feeling inspired to drive away in your own part of Audi history, come down and see us at our showroom or give us a call and one of our team will be happy to help you.