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From DMG to AMG
14 January 2015

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Vintage Mercedes

Mercedes has one of the longest car manufacturing company lineages out there. Way back in 1886, Gottlieb Daimler patented a design for his combustion engine powered motorwagen. As the popularity of motoring caught on, there were more and more competitions to see who could produce the fastest cars on the market. Sadly for Daimler, his lead racing driver was killed in a racing accident, and he subsequently pulled out of competing altogether. Daimler was in danger of falling behind.

But this changed in 1903; a pioneering young inventor named Wilhelm Maybach came to Daimler with plans for a new kind of motor vehicle. Unlike the stagecoach design of previous models, this was the first low-bodied car, with an engine seated well in front, and a much safer suspension system. With his new car, Maybach swept the field of world motoring and won a name for himself as a top designer. He named his champion motor Mercedes, and Daimler agreed to allow all future models of the vehicle to carry this name as a mark of quality.

In 1926, Mercedes-Benz became a car brand in its own right under Karl Benz, with a whole range of vehicles to its credit. Of course, a lot has changed since these early days, but Mercedes is still one of the front runners of car design, with their state of the art AMG range leading the field in speed, safety, comfort and excellence. If this has inspired you to see the Mercedes cars on offer at the moment, check out our stock.