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Do People Actually Want To Buy Cars Online ?
27 June 2018

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There is a lot of talk in the motor industry at the moment regarding giving the cutomers the option to buy cars online. Its about giving used car buyers the ability to complete a car purchase online by having a "Buy it Now " button.However is this what car buyers really want when choosing to buy there next used car ? 

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Car Finance companies who asked customers who are in the market to buy now have reported that 79% would choose to click and buy a car online. Yet in other reports from independant sources say 87% of customers still feel its very important to visit the car dealership. Weve got to be honest and still think that visiting a used car dealership will remain a very important part of the used car buying process. 
Yes we all know that a car dealer can post a 100 photos of a car he has for sale ! He can even take a detailed walk round video of any used car ! However with editing tools available today not all photos and videoes reflect the true condition of the car. Dont get me wrong we work very hard on presenting professional images and videoes of our used car stock, but nothing will ever take away the experience of seeing the car for yourself. Opening the door for the first time to smell the interior, kicking the tyres and going for the all important road test.
At the end of the day, people still buy from people and we must never loose that experience.
Sure start your journey to buying your next car onlne, look at the photos, and read the description and specification ! Ask the dealer any other questions you may have about the car before you visit them. Then one final phone call asking "can I book an appointment to view your car".
Then jump into your car, drive to the dealer and satisfy yourself that this is the car for you. Then if you like the car, like who your buying it from, then satisfaction and peace of mind is guranteed when buying your next used car.