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COVID 19 Update March 19th 2020
19 March 2020

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COVID-19 Update from The Bedfordshire Car & Caravan Centre 19th March 2020

A top priority of ours is - and always will be - the safety of our customers, including you. In light of evolving news around coronavirus, we want to share the steps we are taking to minimize risk of contracting and spreading the virus to our valued guests who are interested in purchasing a vehicle:

Free Surgical Type Latex Gloves Even though we carry out all the points below we also hopefully go further by offering every visitor free disposable surgical type latex gloves upon arrival at our premises. This ensures you can inspect and touch any of our vehicles safe in the knowledge you are not at risk by touching any of them. It also helps us protect our staff so it was an easy decision for us as a business. 

Frequently cleaning/disinfecting all vehicles:  We are fortunate enough to have our own onsite cleaning teams so can really get on top of the cleaning on a daily basis. This includes wiping down all commonly touched areas such as, door handles, steering wheel, gear shift, entertainment system.

Upholding our high cleaning standards within our dealership office:  Once again we have our own cleaning team who clean down our offices daily to minimize the risk of passing germs around while you are in our office.

Social distancing: While normally we like to complete our deals with a handshake, we will refrain from that for the near future, and we are fortunate to have large open type office space.

Encouraging any employees feeling sick to remain home: your safety during buying a Car, Caravan or Motorhome process is our top priority. While this doesn’t cover the extent of our safety standards, we want you to know that the safety of our dealership and your experience as our customer is our top priority. We thank you for your interest in working with our dealership to make it as safe as possible.

Staff Working From Home We taking all Govenment recommendations seriously and any staff that can work from home are being encouraged to do that. Our buying and marketing teams are doing exactly that in a bid to help reduce the speading of the virus 

Communication is and will open via email and website enquiries as we all have the App on our phones and access via our laptop at homes. GDPR compliance will be upheld throughout.

Purchasing You can purchase a vehicle from us without visiting the dealership. Finance can be arranged and signed up from your home. Bank transfer for all other payments.

Delivery We can offer for a limited period FREE delivery within 100 miles subject to restrictions

Open For Business  We will remain open for business as normal until we are informed otherwise by the Government. We will of course keep you updated through our Blog and social media if this changes. 

Last but not least we are grateful for the support shown by our customers and want to take this moment to thank you all.