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BMW motorsport king
14 January 2015

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BMW motorsport

BMW in its modern guise started out in 1923, producing motorcycles before moving on to building cars in 1928 after some of the post-war restrictions on Germany began to be lifted. The company’s earliest car-based offering was the Dixi, a vehicle that was a licensed version of the Austin 7 that sold solidly.

Over the ensuing years, BMW began to produce cars in great numbers, gradually growing into the company that we know today. The company is synonymous with motorsport, having been involved in it in one form or another right the way back to the days of its first motorcycles leaving the BMW factory. The company experienced success on both two and four wheels relatively quickly, winning the Isle of Mann TT in 1939 and the prestigious Mille Miglia outright in 1940.

Through the years, BMW’s burgeoning reputation continued to grow and this continued success in motorsport produced a breed of road going vehicles that are synonymous with outstanding performance – the M cars. Originally taken from a road racing vehicle that never made it to the start line due to rule changes, the M badge has come to represent the ultimate in sports saloon motoring. The M3 in particular is recognised as a real driver’s car that everyone would like to own.

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