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A range of roving Range Rovers
14 January 2015

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Range Rover in desert

From its humble World War II jeep-inspired beginnings in 1947, it’s fair to say that Land Rover has travelled a long way on its journey to becoming a British treasure. The company’s early vehicles, such as the Series I, had success largely due to their rugged simplicity, eventually leading to the beginning of a relationship with the armed forces that endures to this day.

Later models gradually shifted towards the road going motorist, with the iconic Range Rover taking its place as one of the most desirable vehicles in the world.

Always at the forefront of motoring technology, Land Rover is now utilising augmented reality to give the driver a full 360 degree view of the outside of the vehicle using exterior cameras, something that we first saw on the company’s ‘Vision’ concept car last year.

This kind of cutting edge design is nothing new from Land Rover of course; over the years, we have seen them produce and implement things like driver-adjustable locking differentials that have helped bring that off-road toughness and performance to road going motorists.

This DNA can be found in modern Land Rovers and Range Rovers, which combine this great off-road capability with luxurious comfort levels to produce the very best in modern 4x4 vehicles.

Feeling inspired to own a Land Rover? Then take a look through our stock, you won’t find a better range of used Land Rovers anywhere in Bedfordshire. All of our vehicles are available with flexible Range Rover finance so get in touch and see what kind of package we can put together for you.